single women after 65 years old

When they turn 65, women are almost twice as likely to be single as their male counterparts

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Between the ages of 25 and 54 years old, the family structure is similar between men and women, and they live mainly with their spouses: 18% without children, 36% to 40% with children. Differences start showing from the age of 65.

From this age, the proportion of single women is equivalent to that of women in couples (42% to 45%), whereas there are more men in couples than single men. Women end up alone as they get older, due to their life expectancy which is longer than that of their male counterparts, and due to age differences within couples (men are usually older than women). Women’s life expectancy in the United Kingdom in 2015 was 82.5 years against 79.5 years for men.

The gap in life expectancy between women and men decreases over the years. Nonetheless, the number of single women remains high because the number of divorces after the age of 55 increases.

You can find comprehensive information regarding family status in France, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom by clicking on the following link: Family structure of people aged 55 or more in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany.

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