United States: 38% of Seniors Play Videogames

United States: 38% of Seniors Play Videogames

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After the age of 40, there are more women who play videogames than men. Women play more regularly and more often than five years ago. As for the older seniors (70+), more and more play, but not for the same reasons.

Everyone plays videogames, even the over 50s! In the United States, 38% of seniors play, and there are more women (40%) than men (35%). And this is the outcome of an American study conducted by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and ESA (Entertainment Software Association).

According to the study, a person is considered a gamer when he/she plays videogames at least once a month. Three-quarter of players play at least once a week and 4 out of 10 declare playing every day. Women play more regularly than men: 45% of female players play daily, against 35% of male players.

59% of senior players play on a desktop computer or a laptop and 57% on a smartphone. 15% play on a console and Wii is the most popular (12%). Non-players don’t play for the following reasons:

  • Videogames are boring or uninteresting 36%;
  • Videogames are for younger people 22%;
  • They prefer games that are not videogames 18%;
  • They don’t know how to use electronic devices 10%; and
  • They fear for their security or their privacy 6%.

A Videogame Is to Have Fun or Stay Alert

The biggest proportion of seniors playing videogames is between 50 and 59 years old (43%),  then it’s the 60-to-69 years old bracket (32%), then the 70+ (25%).
A little under half of the 60-69-year-olds and 70+ declare they play every day (43%), the proportion is smaller for the younger ones (37%).

The most popular games among seniors are card and tile games (46%) and puzzle and logic games (44%). The younger ones prefer puzzles/logic games (Tetris, Candy Crush, Angry Birds) and the oldest ones card/tile games (Solitaire, Mahjong).

The reasons seniors play videogames are not the same depending on their age. The under 70 play mainly to have fun: 77% of the 50-59 bracket and 81% of the 60-69 bracket. Above 70, this reason is secondary (70%). They play more to keep their mind sharp, and maintain their cognitive capacities (76%).

The study « Video Games : Attitudes and Habits of Adults Age 50-plus » was conducted with 2,964 people aged over 50 in the United States: 1,510 gamers and 1,454 non-gamers. They answered an online questionnaire between 9 and 17 March 2016.