The Best-Known Brand of Ready-To-Wear of British, French, and Belgian Women Aged 55 and Over

The Best-Known Brand of Ready-To-Wear of British, French, and Belgian Women Aged 55 and Over

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A brand awareness survey commissioned by Damart and conducted by Market Audit had determined the best-known brands for clothes and underwear of women aged 55 and over in 2017 in three European countries: Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom, La Redoute in France and C&A in Belgium.

The question asked by telephone was the following: « Which stores, catalogues or websites where you can buy clothes or underwear, do you know, if only by name? » The brands quoted came spontaneously to respondents, they were not prompted.

The « top-of-mind » answers are the brands mentioned first by respondents. The spontaneous total lists all the answers.

Top of Mind Brand

In the United Kingdom, Marks & Spencer is on nearly everybody’s mind. 74% of 55+ know the brand and 35% mentioned it first. Debenhams came then, way behind with slightly under one 55+ out of two mentioning the brand spontaneously. Contrary to the French and Belgian ranking, Damart is not among the brands that come to mind most often to British seniors.

The results are closer in France. The major mail-order players are mentioned. La Redoute (23%) and Damart (19%) are head to head, then come 3 Suisses, Blanche Porte and Camaïeu.

C&A is the best-known brand of Belgian 55+ (41%). H&M, Zara and 3 Suisses are close with 5% of « Top of Mind » mentions. Damart ranks second with 27% of 55+ mentioning it spontaneously, 16% of which in first position.

In France, Damart comes to mind more often as people get older

well-known brands

As far as Damart is concerned, the older the respondents, the more spontaneously they think of the brand: 39% of 85+, 26% of 75-84, 18% of 65-74 and 9% of 55-64-year-olds. The reverse is true for La Redoute and Camaïeu: the younger the respondent, the more they mention these brands.

La Redoute is the best-known brand for seniors aged 55 to 64 and 65 to 74. For the 75-84 and 85+ age brackets, it is Damart.