Sex knows no age limit!

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50plus Club, a dating website for seniors, has published a survey conducted among its members: « Your erotic life: habits and practices ». The sample was made up of over 1,000 people.

More than a dating website, 50plus Club is an online community dedicated to finding friends, partners, as well as organizing group activities for people over 50 years old. The website boasts today close to 500,000 members located in 10 countries.

The survey has demonstrated that the sexual life doesn’t stop after menopause! Even if only one senior out of two estimates having satisfactory intercourse, 95% of them think that sex knows no age limit. 98% of the over 50 think that sex is important in a couple and 30% of them deem it essential.

Knowing Each Other Better With Age

With age, 44% say they know their own body better and 24% say they know their partner’s body perfectly. Hence, 37% declare having better feelings. 97% of them pay great attention to foreplay, 33% use sex toys and 20% resort to pills such as Viagra.

30% of seniors have sex several times a week, 27% once a week and 12% said never. 60% fulfil their sexual desires in the absence of their partners: 50% by masturbating and 10% with another person.

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