Geromouv, the city of Eindhoven and Spain invest in seniors' health by creating fitness trails and play areas.

Moving Around to Fight Chronic Diseases and Isolation

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Our body needs physical exercises to stay fit and prevent all sorts of chronic diseases. From the Netherlands to Spain, there have been many initiatives to encourage seniors to move around and thus fight the loss of autonomy.

“Vivre son âge autrement” (living your age differently) is the tagline of Geromouv, a young company founded near Cahors, France, whose activity is dedicated to muscle warmups for seniors. This start-up company assist infrastructures in creating open-air sports circuits adapted to older people. These circuits help seniors learn to move about, find their balance, work on their stance again, and have fun. They help mobilise all the capacity which needs to be preserved, in order to maintain daily life activities.

Each circuit is split in three areas: a maze, a garden equipped with motor ability modules and an area dedicated to soft gymnastics, relaxation, and social contacts. Each user can move at his/her own pace and in complete safety.

“Our vision is that society should mix rather than partition generations, strengthen social relations, while preserving the right place for everyone. How? Through a friendly place, where the whole community can belong and that offer seniors the possibility to « be part of life », go out and take part in activities open to everyone. »

Even if these circuits are dedicated to seniors, they are not for their exclusive use. Everyone can join, therefore fostering social and inter-generational contacts.

Fitness Trails in the Streets of Eindhoven

In Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, infrastructures are not even required to have 55+ move about. The City Council used the services of French company Denovo, to turn the streets into a fitness trail. Older citizens can have fun exercising, alone or in groups, while walking about the streets.
The exercises proposed are marked on the ground, on slabs: while sitting on a bench, you can raise your legs several times to exercise the lower body; you can improve your flexibility or exercise your joints while waiting to cross the street; or slalom between cones to exercise on changes in direction and thus improve your balance.

This initiative makes building new costly infrastructures unnecessary, and keeps seniors self-sufficient for a longer period and therefore reduces health related costs.

Play Areas for Seniors in Spain

Who said play areas where only for children? Spain is seeing its populating ageing very quickly. The country has therefore imagined spaces adapted to older people, to help them keep active. In addition to exercising, people aged 55+ can meet, make friends and thus avoid isolation. Watch the video :

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