Las Vegas’s CES put « ageing well » in the spotlight

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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show took place from 5th to 8th January in Las Vegas. A number of technical innovations were presented: video games, cars, virtual reality, drones, robotics, energy, well-being, etc. This year, the innovations that improve our daily lives were put in the spotlight. A wide choice to let the elders grow old safely.

There were innovations destined to seniors in all business sectors. Here are some examples of what you could have found at the fair.

Accessibility and Mobility

In the field of accessibility, French company Nov’In presented its connected cane: the Smartcane. This was born out of co-operation with cane manufacturer Fayet. It notifies up to 5 relatives when a fall is detected by a motion sensor. The item is also equipped with artificial intelligence which learns and records the movements of its owner, thus allowing the detection of unusual behaviours. For example, if the cane doesn’t record any movements in the morning while the person usually wakes up early, then an alarm is triggered.

Digit Grip

Digit Grip  created a « universal design » accessory that provides a better hand grip to smartphones and tablets. It is a small object made of rubber that can be attached onto any digital tool.

Qeexo, an American company from the Silicon Valley, developed a new way to use touch screens.  Its  FingerSense software enables users to interact with a touch screen with any part of the finger (knuckle, nail, fingertip) or any tool. It allows people who find it difficult to move their fingers to use touch screens more easily.

Beauty and Health


Visiocheck, from the French company Visiomed, is a connected tele-medicine workstation for the home. It measures blood pressure and temperature, performs electrocardiograms, biological analyses, etc., thanks to many accessories. The results are recorded on a secure server, can be compared day to day and sent to a medical platform accessible 24 hours a day.

E-Sense‘s Helios Smart Ring (from the Netherlands) with its minimalist and futuristic style, makes it possible for the user to strike the perfect balance between an excessive and an adequate exposure to the sun. Thanks to this ring, users control their vitamin D intake according to their skin type. It is connected to an app that monitors the daily exposure. It is waterproof and made from an anti-allergenic material and is available in different sizes.

Samsung’s S-Skin micro-needle patches analyse the skin and the impact of the air on it : rashes, melanin level, hydration, etc. They are linked to a connected object that sends information via Bluetooth to an application. The eye patches target wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes, and provide a lifting effect. Other patches exist for other parts of the face.

Physical Activity

My Motiv

The Motiv Ring by My Motiv (San Francisco) is an activity tracking ring. It features a motion sensor and a heart rate sensor. All linked to an application that collects data and records it. It is possible to measure the number of steps made in a day, the calories burned or even the quality of sleep . Even if not specifically made for seniors, it may well please the over 60s seeking to get back in shape.


Leenby is a human-looking robot made in France by Cybedroïd. It is capable of finding its bearings in an open environment. It is destined to elderly or mobility impaired people: It can help these people find their bearings, move about, it can serve meals, detect a fall, interact, etc. It was exhibited at the Silver Economy Fair that took place in Paris in November 2016.

Several Internet-of-Things specialists proclaim 2017 as the year of the explosion of the connected objects. With the increase in the number of seniors and the speed of technical development,  ageing-well oriented innovations will undoubtedly continue to develop in the coming years. See you at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show!

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