High Blood Pressure: The Plague of German Seniors

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Chronic diseases are a common health issue with seniors. However, not all countries are hit the same way. Germany is the country that is hit the hardest by high blood pressure.

Chronic diseases are long-term conditions that develop slowly. This is the leading cause of mortality in the world since chronic diseases are the cause of 63% of deaths: cancer, high blood pressure, depression, lung diseases, asthma, diabetes, etc.

Overall, the German seniors are the ones who are the hardest hit by chronic diseases compared with French, Belgian, British and Spanish seniors. High blood pressure is the condition Germans suffer the most from, as it concerns approx. 1 person out of four among the 45-54 years old and more than half those 75 and over.

The 45-54 age bracket in Germany, France and Belgium is equally hit by chronic diseases affecting the lower lungs (4%). Among those 75 and over, the Germans are the most concerned (13%).

This age bracket is also affected by diabetes in a high proportion (21%), at the same level as the French.

Chronic diseases in Europe (45-54 y.o)

Chronic diseases in Europe (75 y.o and more)

Causes and Prevention of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may be due to a number of causes. This may be due to genetic susceptibility or to  external factors such as obesity, stress or excessive consumption of alcohol or salt.

In an ageing society, the share of people concerned with chronic diseases increases, generating significant costs for Society and a poorer quality of life for patients. This is why many initiatives relating to successful ageing have developed.

To limit the risks of high blood pressure, physical exercise and a balanced diet are required: 30 minutes of walking a day or approx. 6,000 steps. For more information on how to fight chronic diseases, read our feature article: Moving Around to Fight Chronic Diseases and Isolation.

Concerning the diet, it must be varied, colourful, rich in fruit, vegetables, cereals and include little red meat. This is the Mediterranean diet and the secret behind the village of Acciaroli in Italy, which is home to 86 centenarians for 700 residents.

All the data is available from the following address: People suffering from a chronic disease, 2014 data

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