Happiness index for women aged 55+ (2016)

Happiness index for women aged 55+ (2016)

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Damartex, Market Audit & Seniosphère Conseil have developed a Happiness index for women aged 55+ to assess whether there are happy. Actually, they are! French, Belgian and British women have rated their global happiness at 7.8/10, a good score, which varies according to countries and profiles. Discover all these parameters in the SlideShare above or by clicking on the following link: Happiness index for women aged 55+

To assess the happiness score, the questionnaire asked women  to what extent they agreed, on a scale from 0 to 10, with statements related to, such as « my financial situation is satisfying ». The mapping of the study presents, horizontally, the respondents’ answers, under the form of averages of scores given. The vertical axis shows the correlation of the score of the criteria on with the global happiness score. The higher the criterion on the graphic, the better the score correlates with the global score and the higher the importance:

living conditions and relatives first

You can find the detailed data of the study in the appendices in the slide show  :

  • Details of the 3 typology : pages 15, 16 and 17
  • Happiness by typology, home-loving seniors, young and calm seniors, and active and connected : page 18
  • Happiness by country, France, Belgium, United Kingdom : page 19
  • Happiness by age bracket, 55-64 / 65-74 / 75+ : page 20

Are French, British and Belgian women happy? What makes them happy? Read the study conducted by Damartex, Market Audit & Seniosphère Conseil.

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