Family Structure After the Age of 55

Family Structure After the Age of 55

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How are households structured for people aged over 55? Do they have the same lifestyle between the ages of 60 and 80? What happens when children leave the nest and couples find themselves alone again?

Until around the age of 65, the household structure is similar for both men and women: most of them live in couples. Between the ages of 50 and 65, children leave home and couples find themselves alone. Among these young seniors, one in five lives by him/herself due to the increase in divorces at this age, creating more and more single-person households.

From the age of 65, women are more often single than men, due to their higher life expectancy, age differences within couples and the increase in the number of divorces after the age of 55. For more information regarding this subject, please refer to the article: From the age of 65, there are twice as many single women as men.

A segment of the population lives in a different household: senior residences (outside retirement homes), parents living with their children, senior siblings living together or living in a shared apartment. These lifestyles help avoiding isolation and ageing in place as long as possible.

Find complete information regarding family status in France, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom by clicking on the following link: Family structure of people aged over 55 in France, Belgium, United Kingdom and Germany.

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