Brexit Makes English Women Less Happy

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Damartex , Seniosphère Conseil and Market Audit  conducted for the second time a study on the happiness of 55+ women in France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. The happiness score of the English women dropped by almost 1 point between 2015 and 2017. This drop was most likely caused by the Brexit.

In 2015, English women gave the score of 8.1/10 to their happiness, ahead of the French and Belgians. 47% of them even gave the ratings of 9 and 10. In 2017, their happiness score was down to 7.2/10. Only 29% gave a rating of 9 and 10, and 10% gave 0 to 4.

Evolution of the Happiness since 2015

The Brexit Divide

Overall, it was seniors who voted for the Brexit, while the youngest (and in particular the « Erasmus Generation » we heard a lot about, voting against the Brexit).

« This vote has created a deep divide in the UK. In families, circles of friends or companies, everyone knows who voted for or against the Brexit. Tensions have developed so much that some friends or colleagues no longer talk to each other or avoid the subject in order to limit arguments. These same tensions are sometimes visible within families, to the point where some members may no longer want to speak to one another. » Comments Sophie Schmidt from Seniosphère Conseil.

As contact with the family are considered the most important element for ageing well by all European seniors, the tensions with their relatives have naturally caused a drop in the overall rating of happiness.

The subject is still covered today in the press and feeds the debate. Every day, new articles are written on the impact of the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union: what other EU countries think, how companies will have to adapt, the position of the other UK countries, the English economy, the tourism issue, a year after the Brexit, etc. The wealth of information on the Google News page when you type “Brexit” speaks for itself.