Being 65 in 2000, 2020 and 2040

Being 65 in 2000, 2020 and 2040

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The Damartex Group and Seniosphère Conseil have published a new study for the Senior Observatory: Being 65 in 2000, 2020 and 2040. Quantitative and qualitative data to better know these three generations.

With Jeanine who turned 65 in 2000, Martine who will be 65 in 2020 and Stéphanie, who will be 65 in 2040, let us discover three very different generations of women. How is it to be senior in their respective times? How did they become what they are? What is their level of income, their habits in terms of consumption, their relations with family, to work, what are their activities? How is their health as they get older, what is their life expectancy?

This study presents :

  • Life expectancy at 65 for both genders;
  • Their childhood: place of birth, family environment, schooling;
  • Their adulthood: work, hobbies, family life, husband, holidays, personality;
  • Their culture: music, movies, television, cooking;
  • Their lives at 65: personality, family, friends, relation to ageing, health, retirement, activities, lifestyle, use of the Web and digital tools, income and consumption, wealth;
  • Jeanine, Martine and Stéphanie’s typical day at 65; and
  • Their respective rapport to garments, their buying habits, their favourite brands.


(French sources)