Baby-boomers and music: a great love story

Baby-boomers and music: a great love story

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Whether French, English or American, baby boomers are great consumers of music. They regularly buy tickets to concerts, and the albums of the singers that have accompanied them all along their lives.

During their teen years, in the 60s and 70s, baby boomers have known an increase in their purchasing power, the birth of rock ‘n’ roll and the radio. They have included a massive consumption of music in their way of life, much more than their parents or grandparents. This appetite from music has followed them throughout their lives.

Technology brings back to life stars who have passed away just for one night. In France, Dalida, Claude François, Mike Brant or Sacha Distel were able to sing live in the musical « Hit Parade » thanks to their holograms. This comeback was made possible by motion capture, a technology that models the bodies using digitalized images of actors.

The Legends of Rock’n’Roll Are Still Touring

In California, in the United States, the Desert Trip Festival attracts every year a mature audience and six rock stars: Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who & Rodger Waters. Tickets are expensive (from $199 for a day pass to $1,599 for a three-day pass) but this kind of audience readily spends more than younger concert goers to see the stars of their teen years again. Service is top-of-the-range and adapted to the average age: comfortable chairs in the pit, shaded areas, complimentary drinks and meals, etc.

In England, Phil Collins came back to the stage in 2016 after a lull of several years. He topped the charts in the 80s and 90s with his band Genesis and now plays his classics to great applause from the public.

Âge tendre and tournée des idoles (the idols’ tour), a can’t-be-missed event.

Each year in France, since 2006, the musical tour « Âge tendre, la tournée des idoles« , gathers French pop singers from the 60s to the disco years. Many baby boomers take advantage of the show to see the stars of their youth on stage again and share this culture with their children and grandchildren. To name but a few: Sheila, La compagnie créole, Stone & Charden, Michel Delpech, Annie Cordy, Francis Lalanne, Michel Torr, Dave or Demis Roussos.

The name of the show refers to the title of the TV show which aired from 1961 to 1966 entitled « Âge tendre et tête de bois » (literally young and stubborn). In 2008, the production company developed this concept into a cruise: « Âge Tendre sur les mer » (Âge Tendre on the seas) This is a luxury cruise during which participants take to the sea with approximately 30 artists for a week. They stop over in Spain, Greece or Italy and concerts and signing sessions are organized on board the ship. These cruises are very popular: the 2011 edition gathered over 4,000 passengers.