The Senior Observatory is an information website regarding seniors and their lifestyles. It was created by the Damartex group, a European leader in the distribution of garments and accessories for seniors. The group trades under the names Damart, Damart Sport, Afibel, Sedagyl, Jours Heureux, La Maison du Jersey, Delaby, Coopers of Stortford, Xandres, Vivadia, 3 Pagen and Vitrine magique.

The purpose of the Senior Observatory is to make the senior target known and liked: their different lifestyles across Europe and around the world, their hobbies and activities, their place in the family and society, housing, health and new technologies, and portraits of outstanding senior citizens.

The Senior Observatory provides official demographic and economic data regarding people aged 55 and older. The majority of the figures have been gathered by the Seniosphère Conseil firm, who are consultants and experts in senior citizen markets.